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Formation of NumeroUno

Having more than 20 years of experience with various banks like State Bank of India, IDBI Bank, ICICI Bank and Barclays Bank, I quit banking in May 2010 and started a Training and Advisory/Consultancy firm – NumeroUno, where Training has become the main focus area.

For the last 5 years since I started NumeroUno, I undertake Basic and Advanced training programs on International Business and Trade Finance for Banks, Industry Associations/ Export Promotion Councils, Companies (local as well as MNC Corporates & SMEs). The requirement and content is generally customized as per the organization’s needs and the training programs are completely interactive and primarily involve role plays and case studies. There is emphasis on theoretical and regulatory aspects, as well as, the practical business aspects with respect to Industry requirements.

Our Initiative:

Till 2013, we had only been conducting external trainings, either at a common platform or at the Client’s premises. However, keeping in view the dearth of genuinely professional and practical training in the area of International Trade and related Banking products, we started our own in-house Training Academy – NumeroUno Academy of Banking & International Business (NABIB), where our primary objective is to enhance the product knowledge, employability of the candidate and thereby ensure that they have a successful career – whether as a working professional OR as an entrepreneur.

2 of our most successful courses that offer the near-assurance of a successful career to the participants are:

  • Certified Associate in Banking & Trade Finance
  • Certified Associate in International Business and EXIM

Other topics that we conduct at our Academy:

  • Risk Management in International Trade
  • Hedging and Forex Management
  • Credit and Risk Management

Soft skills:

  • Communication Skills – Verbal and non-Verbal, Professional & Business
  • Team Skills – Creativity, Problem solving, Interpersonal skills
  • English language Skills – Spoken and written English
  • Job Search Skills – Resume writing, Company research
  • Presentation Skills  – Interview skills, Group discussion, effective Public speaking
  • Positive Attitude – Situation analysis, Stress management, Motivation

 Program In-builts:

  • As part of the training program, the students are given theoretical as well as in-depth practical exposure to the topics on hand.
  • They would be given in-house as well as outdoor assignments/tasks to test and sharpen their team building skills as well as individual creativity and competency.
  • After completion of specialised courses, students are given a 7-15 days Internship at various banks/companies to ensure that they also get a taste of the practical aspects of whatever academic knowledge they have gained.
  • Site-visits and actual Industry examples to sharpen their skills.
  • During the internships, the companies get an opportunity to scrutinise and test the skills of the students and take an assessed call on whether to employ them in their organization.



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